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English is a CRAZY language, period!


An HT from English forum, well, what can I say, mimin and momod thanks for this, and also to my fellow English learner for voting this thread, so this mean that faith in English Forum has been restored
Spoiler for Faith in English Forum has been restored:

Hi guys, ok I know, it seems that you are curious about my controversial thread's title, well, you know what, it's because English is FULL OF INCONSISTENCY........that's right, Loud n Clear,huff........glad I can say that

Quote:Hey, not that I hate English, it's up to you to decide. Okay, let's start with a BOX, and the plural is BOXES, but the plural of OX becomes OXEN, not OXES. There is no HAM in HAMBURGER, neither APPLE or PINE in PINEAPPLE. QUICKSAND can work SLOWLY, BOXING RINGS are SQUARE, and GUINEA PIG is neither from GUINEA nor is it a PIG

If TEACHERS TAUGHT, why didn't PREACHERS PRAUGHT? If a VEGETARIAN eats VEGETABLES, what does a HUMANITARIAN eats? In what other language do people RECITE at a PLAY and PLAY at a RECITAL?

Another thing which annoys me so much coz I spent 2 years of my life in UK, and during my stay, I often purchase stuff on line. Well, they SHIP BY TRUCK but SEND CARGO BY SHIP, whatever...hahahaha.

We have NOSES that RUN and FEET that SMELL, we PARK in a DRIVEWAY and DRIVE in a PARKWAY where people who ride motorcycles are called BIKERS and people who ride BIKES are called CYCLISTS. And how can a SLIM CHANCE and a FAT CHANCE be the same, while a WISE MAN and a WISE GUY are opposites?

Let's face this unique lunacy of a language in which your HOUSE can BURN UP as it BURNS DOWN, in which you FILL IN a form by FILLING IT OUT, and in which an ALARM goes OFF by going ON.

Indeed that English was invented by people, not computers, and it reflects the creativity of the HUMAN RACE (which, of course, ISN'T A RACE at all). That is why, we have a KING that rules a KINGDOM but a QUEEN doesn't rule a QUEENDOM, and when the STARS are OUT, they are VISIBLE, but when the LIGHTS are OUT, they are INVISIBLE also we have a NIGHT FALL which never BREAK and a DAY BREAK which never FALL.

Imagine, the masculine pronouns are HE, HIS and HIM and so the feminine should be SHE, SHIS and SHIM?

Ok then, let's stop for these vocabulary usage and continue with some grammar lessons with these sentences below,

Quote:"All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life"
Sound crazy? Well look at this one below,
Spoiler for Please pronounce it your self:

So, you think that's crazy? Well, as far as grammar concern, actually those sentences make PERFECT SENSE!

Okay, enough with the grammar thing, let's move on to a crazy pronunciation, Just try to adhere this first,
Spoiler for Say FISH:

Sounds crazy?? Hey, it makes sense okay, but still they said it's just totally wrong . Well, here's a spelling lesson for you,
Spoiler for Say POTATO:

Well, that's still make sense though . Just don't you forget to read the sign below,
Spoiler for Please read the sign:

Well, what do you think guys? The truth is, those were only the tip of an iceberg about English, oh no, the agony in learning English language

Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again......

But, hey, let's face it, that's the beauty of it and make me eager to learn even more. How about you????
Spoiler for Source:
Wikipedia, Grammarly and Google

Last but not least, to "Alay" people out there,
Spoiler for Hey Alay, note this!:

Quote:Hey guys, here's some bonuses for you, to celebrate this thread in becoming a Hot Thread from English sub forum
Even tough English is a "crazy" language to learn, it's okay to make mistakes, coz practice makes perfect guys. They say that mistakes are proof that you are trying, but still, please check and re-check before you use it in public though.
Spoiler for Imagine that this was written in an International Airport a while back ago:

Spoiler for This was written in a School, my my my:

Spoiler for Don't know what to say, to afraid to put comment:

Spoiler for Is this for REAL?:

Spoiler for Oh come on...not this one please....:

Spoiler for Private parking only guys! faild to obey that they will turn you into toad:

Spoiler for At least they've tried:

Best quote to comment above mistakes,

Quote:"Think Before You Speak, Read Before You Think"

Dedicated to All English Learner

Quote:Thanks guys for visiting, please rate and comment, or you can recommend it to be a Hot Thread if you like it so much
Link for HT

Hey, here's more from me, quite some Hot Threads a while back,
Quote:Para Mama Kucing yang Bertaruh Nyawa Demi Anak-Anaknya
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The Most Likable Comments for Sharing Purpose
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Quote:Original Posted By Fadel999
A thread from English Forum barely becomes a hot thread. So, this is one of a great achievement
However, should I tell the posters that this is English Forum. Thus, get yourself used to English anytime you post in this particular Forum
Quote:Original Posted By adjidorporah
why can 'read' pronounced 'rid' and 'red' ?
yes it's cz v1 and v2
but just why?
they're identical the same

*damnit grammar, i hate writing in english

Quote:Original Posted By FluffyGirlz
then again, it makes me think what was the real reason English became the most spoken international language, other than the history that in the past the british conquered the world

Quote:Original Posted By sasrabirawa

English is crazy..?? HELL YEAH..!!

if there's a GRAVE DANGER why there's no TOMB DANGER..??
Try to FLY a bit of BUTTER, you'll not find a BUTTERFLY
You can find a FIREFLY, but you'll never find a single WATERFLY in your life. And by the way, FIREFLY is not actually a fire that fly
Find a JACK, paint it Black, you cannot call it BLACK JACK
HAMBURGER is actually from the word HAMBURG, not from HAM + BURGER, cos there's no word BURGER in old English
you can spell RACECAR either from left to right or from right to left
but English steal KINDERGARTEN from Anglo-Germany, (KINDER=Kids, GARTEN=Garden) cos there's no word for "Taman Kanak Kanak" in English
BULLSH*T, refers to a lie, but why BULL..?? Why not the other animal, say ELEPHANTSH*T, or PIGSH*T..??
JOHN DOE is a dead body which cannot be identified yet. But Who the hell is John Doe anyway..??
You can find Forefinger, Middle finger, Ring finger and Little finger, but what about THUMB..??
There's no opposite for FOREHEAD
BLACK COFFEE is definitely black, but WHITE COFFEE is not actually White
you cannot find a KEY in the KEYBOARD
PANTS and PANTIES are two different things, if you are a MAN, don't try to wear a PANTIES

and can you say this ?

Quote:Original Posted By mynameisdanz27
FINALLY................ Thanks God I'm not the only one...

Here some, they measure a length by FEET, including BUILDING, SEA even SNAKE that don't have FEET

If we saye MORE and MOST on most adjective with -ER and -EST (ex : Cool - Coller - Collest, Fast - Faster - Fastest) so why do we can't find BEDDER - BEDDEST or GOODER - GOODEST (BED - WORSE - WORST, GOOD - BETTER - BEST)

Again, I never hear a word pronoun WHOM in movie, is that word really exist??

Anyway, any language have their inconsistence, including Bahasa Indonesia
Now just enjoy the english

Quote:Original Posted By gareano
Indeed this languange is hard to be understood literally in our language yet it's a good languange with 'many colors' when you know the idiomatic expression, like "you drive me crazy" "hold your horses" etc.

I think we, as Indonesian, have to confident with our accent even when we pronounce "mango" like "manggo" or "menggo". Just like in Singapore, people getting used to hear Singaporean English (Singlish) when mandarin accent combine with english. Maybe one day Indonesia will have Inlish (although every region have their accent, maybe it'll become Inlish Javanese Inlish Balinese, hehe). CMIIW
Quote:Original Posted By AguzTeam

Ngakak ane bacanya
Benar-benar crazy
Selama ini ane pun berpikir bahasa inggris itu aneh, gak konsisten.

Contoh : Saat "oo" diucapkan "u" di beberapa kata misal kata "baloon", "spoon", "cartoon", et cetera. Tetapi kenapa pada kata "door" tidak dibaca "u" tetapi tetap "o". Tapi kalau ada orang bilang "buka pintunya" jadi "open de dur", bisa-bisa yg denger malah ngakak gak ketulungan
Contoh lain : Pembacaan/pronounciation "u" bisa berbeda-beda. Kadang tetap "u", kadang bisa "a".

Yg pasti English is very unique.
Quote:Original Posted By irturhamun
Wooohooo It so crazy men....!! Why in Bahasa Indonesia called "gula merah" but in English it called " brown sugar". C'mon men who is the color blind in here? "Merah=red" and "brown=Coklat" why in English it not called "red sugar" or in Bahasa Indonesia it not called "gula coklat"?

This still be a mystery. Lol......
Quote:Original Posted By yogamiraito
yep english is crazy like hell, but I like the tounge twist

let's play, can you pronounce this?

can you can a can as a canner can can a can?
betty botter bought a bit of better bitter butter
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

easy? then please pronounce this yourself

there's a sandwich on the sand which was sent by sane witch
which wristwatch is a swiss wristwatch
two witches watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch? doublekill

Quote:Original Posted By dimartino
Dari dlu ane jg udh bingung sama b. Inggris Why a Catfish doesn't Meow?
Hahaha, very interesting my friend.

I never think about that. This craziness also works in pronunciation. For example, the word men pronounced as /man/, like when you pronounced Superman /mæn/. But it doesn't works in the word woman pronounced as /m.ən/ - /mɪn/, why not /mæn/.

Another example, English have the words mispronunciation, misperception, miscommunication, and so on. Nevertheless, I call my teacher as Miss Diah and Miss Ratna. Then, is it fair to call women as the core of mistake? mis ... and miss ...
One conclusion actually, that is the beauty of English Language, with its perks and quirks. Again it depends on the eye of the beholder. I see it beautiful, others may not. . (remember the difference between American and British English, also Australian English, Singaporean English, 'India English', 'Japanese English', and even different parts of America has different way of expressing yourself (East Coast and West Coast anyone? ). I can go on about the difference terms between the two lol

To be fair, every language has its wacky points, just as you pointed. Like our language, Bahasa Indonesia, for example :

1.Masuk Angin
You know what, if you translate it literally, it would be "Enter Wind" or "Entry point of Wind", totally doesn't make sense.
Masuk = Enter
Angin = Wind
Thus, Enter Wind
It actually means catch a cold
On which if you translate literally into Bahasa Indonesia :
Catch = Menangkap
Cold = Dingin,
Thus, it means 'Menangkap dingin', totally doesn't make sense.

This word can mean anything depends on the speaker, the context, and the situation in which the speakers say it.

This word has experienced a shift in meaning, now usually we say 'kita' in any case, even if the correct one is 'kami'.
In English :
Kita = We (include the listeners)
Kami = We (don't include the listeners, only the speakers and his/her group that he is talking about)

This is uniquely Indonesia. You know what? its meaning is rather quirky, it is supposed to be funny, but it is NOT funny, thus, jayus.
It is one of the Bahasa Indonesia words that hard to translate its meaning perfectly in other language.
Kind of the same meaning with the word below :

In English, Garing = Crunchy. But in our colloquial conversation, Garing = Ga lucu, jayus, 'doesn't-work humour'.

Absen also has a shift in its meaning, especially in this phrase : 'Daftar Absen' and 'Titip Absen', one of the most used phrases when you were in university or in high school. .
The correct phrase should be : Daftar Presensi, Titip Presensi.

In English, we don't usually use 'Absence List', instead we have 'Attendance List' which means 'Daftar Hadir'.

And I am having difficulties in getting an exactly the same meaning word as 'Titip Absen' in English, because foreigners don't usually do this custom.

You know what, this is what most Indonesian got its meaning differently.
In KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia / Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language of the Language Center ):

Acuh v = peduli; mengindahkan (care, pay attention to, take care of)
In reality,
'Acuh' has shifted its meaning to become 'doesn't (want to) care, doesn't (want to) pay attention to, doesn't want to take care of'.

Maybe because there is a saying 'Acuh tak acuh' which means 'doesn't really care', its meaning becomes blurry and Indonesian people gets more comfortable using 'Acuh' as negative meaning, which actually it has positive meaning.

What does seronok in your head when you remember this word? It must be around 'sexy, improper, vulgar', even google translate has its meaning 'nudity' (try typing the word 'seronok'.

Actually if you refer to the root of the words in KBBI :

se·ro·nok a = menyenangkan hati; sedap dilihat (didengar dsb): dl dunia keronggengan ini suara pesinden itu sama-sama — dan menarik hati; ( pleasing, delighting )

me·nye·ro·nok·kan v menimbulkan rasa seronok; (ruosing a pleasing, delighted feeling)
ke·se·ro·nok·an n perihal (yg bersifat) seronok (things about 'seronok)

You can ask your Malay friend if you don't believe me. It has proper meaning.

Some exactly the same words, with different meanings depend on context.
Beruang = Bear
Beruang = Wealthy, has much money.

Berada = located on, situated on/in
Berada = Wealthy, very rich
Anyway, if you really like discussing about languages around the world, talk with me ^_^. I'd be more than glad to speak with you. I am now learning Japanese to further enhance my capabilities in understanding people, its culture, and why 'they use the words' now.
Quote:Original Posted By FrozenFlame
Anyway, if you really like discussing about languages around the world, talk with me ^_^. I'd be more than glad to speak with you. I am now learning Japanese to further enhance my capabilities in understanding people, its culture, and why 'they use the words' now.

Haik, douzo yoroshiku ohayo gozaimasu I'd love to. Looking forward to it. Cheers!!

Just updated the content guys, please recommend it for HT

So just once in a while, we have a HT from English Forum
I cant understand but i know your mind...
i think its mean of
i like those stuffs

very quiet
i knew it, i knew there is something wrong with this language
well, perhaps because english is international language, that makes it full of inconsistency because many people from different cultures and language use english as their international language
ah. i see
Well... so many see your thread bro but, seems like nobody give their comment. Weldone!

And... welcome to Crazy English Era. Oh yeah
I still learning about English languange, thanks to make a different thread gan. Cakep dah buat belajar hehe
Couldn't say anything but, I do understand.
Again... Hahahaha
i like it :v
Ht sepi
Trit lu ane CTRL-D duklu boleh gak? sama ane rating? minta ijin dulu soalnya bagus banget sebagai referensi ane jadi seorang ahli bahasa
Aing teu ngarti gan
gak ngerti ane bahas apa gan..
Hahahahahahahahahahahah ngga ngerti tjoey

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